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Our Range of Services in Prevention – Diagnostics – Therapy

Our Range of Services in Prevention – Diagnostics – Therapy

Office Services

In our office we offer you all modern procedures with innovative hardware for invasive and non-invasive detection and treatment of cardiovascular and angiopathy with a special focus on coronary heart disease, heart insufficiency and arrhythmias.

We pay special attention to preventive medicine and the early detection of diseases and provide individual consultation.

Conventional Diagnostics

During minimally intrusive examinations we check for any indication of angiopathy or heart disease. Among other procedures, we use:

  • EKG (resting and long-term EKG)
  • Ergometry (bicycle/seated/treadmill)
  • Long-term blood pressure measurement
  • Cardiac pacemaker and defibrillator after-care
  • Sleep apnea screening
  • Laboratory screening 

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Sports medicine and diagnostics

Performance diagnostics are an essential part of health-oriented sports activities from a cardiological point of view. Among others we use:

  • body plethysmography
  • ergospirometry (treadmill or bicycle)
  • lactate diagnostics
  • blood gas analysis

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Imaging non-invasive Diagnostics

Modern Cardiology includes the following imaging procedures:

  • Echo cardiography of the heart in 3D/4D-technology
  • Duplex sonography procedure of all vessels
  • Sonography of the internal organs / the thyroid
  • Cardio-CT (multiline-CT-angiography of the coronary vessels)
  • Cardio-MRT (nuclear magnetic resonance tomography of the heart)

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Imaging Invasive Diagnostics and Electro Diagnostics

The heart catheter examination is part of the invasive procedures. Only with thistechnology can the direct treatment of a dangerous narrowing of the coronary vessels be performed through a cardiac vessel dilation (balloon angioplasty) and the insertion of stents.


With the help of electronic examinations we can detect disorders of the heart electronics and heal these disorders with a high frequency therapy.

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Preventive Medicine

Thanks also to self-responsibility the early detection of cardiac disease systems is gaining more importance. If we succeed in detecting disorders at an early stage though modern diagnostic methods one can often still counteract. In this case the cardiologist and his diagnostic possibilities is the best possible partner also in treatment and consultation. 

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Surgical Procedure

After the detection of an arrhythmia it can be necessary to implant a heart pace maker or a defibrillator.

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For many people nutrition means well-being, pleasure and health.

However, unfavorable nutrition, depending on the content and amount as well as the attitude to food can lead to health problems and restrictions in quality of life for individual persons.



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Why Self Pay Services (IGeL Services)

There is an ever increasing demand for additional medical services and additional care which meet medical scientific standards.

IgeL (Individual Health Services) are individual service offerings for preventive and service medicine for which there is no reimbursement requirement of the statutory health insurances (optional services). 

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